Thank you for visiting Apple Property Management (APM). Our company is located in Queen Anne, a vibrant neighborhood that prides itself on the Arts, international cuisine, countless cafes, specialty boutiques, parks perched on spectacular vistas, and stellar residential architecture among other fun features from Seattle's tallest hill.

Expert knowledge and decades of experience gives us the talent to place our clients with homes that fit their needs and best preferences. At APM, we can guide you towards finding that rustic, newly renovated Capitol Hill studio located at the heart of one of Seattle's fastest growing trendsetting communities.

Or maybe we can help you move into a cozy two-story bungalow in Ballard, you know, the one with the amazing yard that's perfect for the kids and pets to play in while throwing a truly memorable outdoor event.

Whether you're looking to rent a home, require management or maintenance services for your property, seeking potential tenants to rent your property, or hoping to buy or sell your home - Apple Property Management can and will assist you in all of those areas.


President and Owner, Lisa Dankers, and the APM team deliver with great pride a wide range of real estate and property management services from home maintenance to technical support. Send us your questions. We'd love to answer them. Let us know how we can further assist you.

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Apple Property Management Corporation,
APM is a rental property management agency for the
L. Dankers Real Estate Group - .
Apple Property Management President, Lisa Dankers owns and manages both APM and L. Dankers RE Group. Dankers founded APM in 1985.
Apple Property Management offers apartments, single family homes, condos, and multiplexes in the greater Seattle location.
If you are a homeowner or future tenant, you can reach Lisa directly by email at: and/or by phone at: 206-285-2352 ext. 114.
Please submit all mail correspondence to:
Apple Property Management
3050 15th Ave W.
Seattle, WA 98119

Phone: 206-285-2352
Fax: 206-284-9255

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