Renting with Apple

There are several steps to the rental process and the Apple team is able to accomodate your needs no matter where you are in the rental process.

Our website has all the information you need to help you move throughout the APM system. You can also contact us at any time and we can guide you through the entire process as well.

image APM Rental Policy

APM accepts all applications.  Lease duration is 12 months unless otherwise stated. Approval will be based on the following qualifying parameters:

1. All applicants aged 18 and over must complete an application. The application fee is $38.00 for all single applicants. For married couples with the same last name the fee is $45.00. If you will be living with any children age 18 years or older they will have to fill out an application also and the application fee is again $38.00.  If you require a Co-Signer, the application fee for each Co-Signer is $15.00.

2. Please complete the entire form clearly, legibly and be sure to sign your name.

3. APM requires a driver's license or photo ID to be provided with each application.

4. APM requires three (3) years of employment history. Please provide the names, phone numbers and addresses of your supervisor for the past three (3) years. If you have been or currently are self-employed, please attach the front page of your tax return for the all the years you were/are self-employed.

5. APM requires three (3) years of rental history.  Please provide names, phone numbers, and addresses of your landlords for the past three (3) years so that we can contact the landlord.  Phone numbers are crucial. The lack of phone numbers is a big reason why applications are delayed.

6. Collections and past due accounts are not acceptable and will only be acceptable under property owner approval.

7. Many of our properties do not accept pets.  Please make sure a pet can reside with you at the property you are applying to live at.  APM requires applicants with dogs to carry a renter’s insurance policy that covers liability for the dog for the duration of the rental period.  Qualifying tenants will be required to complete a Pet Agreement and pay a Pet Security Deposit. Cats are $100 per feline and Dogs are $200 per canine.

8. Please remember to fill out the smoking question most of our properties do not allow smokers. 

9. We will conduct a criminal background check for all applicants 18 years of age and older.  If you have anything you would like us to know regarding this issue, please attach a separate explanation.

Click here to download the PDF of our application form.

imageThe APM Rental Process

1. Advertising

Our first step in renting a property is advertising its availability. We provide yard signs that attract interest from drive-by traffic. We also advertise in the Seattle Times/PI, Seattle Weekly and the local paper where the property is located. We receive many referrals and unsolicited inquiries because of our long-standing presence in the community. We also display listings on our reader board. Our office is located in a high traffic area and the reader board is very visible.

How we do it:
• Print media (Seattle Times/P.I, Seattle Weekly, neighborhood newspaper rental is located)
• Electronic media – All listings are posted on our web site at, Craig’s list, Northwest classifieds and various other web sites. Pictures are attached to each listing.
• An “APM For Rent” sign is posted in front of the property.

2. Tenant Qualification

Screening of each prospective tenant is of primary importance. After we show the property to an interested party, an application for tenancy is completed. Processing the application includes verifying employment, talking to at least the past two landlords, and obtaining a credit report. Normally applicants with poor credit ratings, collection amounts, public records or poor tenancy history are not accepted as tenants. Prior to showings, prospective tenants are pre-qualified over the telephone according to the restrictions of the property (pets, smokers) and an appointment to show the property is made. If interested, application is processed and verified. Credit and criminal background checks are made. Previous rental history and employment are verified.

3. The Lease Agreement

After establishing an acceptable credit history and verifications, a lease agreement is executed. Leases are normally written for one year and the first months rent is collected along with a security, damage, and cleaning deposit in an amount equal to the rent. The deposit, in accordance with Washington State law, is held in a trust account. Usually, we do not require last month's rent. In cases where an owner has allowed a pet on the premises, a pet deposit is also collected and the tenant signs a pet agreement.

The lease agreement specifies the tenant's responsibilities during the term of the lease and upon vacating the premises. A move in/move out report is completed by the tenant and management at the onset of each lease. This report becomes part of the lease and is used to compare the condition of the unit at the time of vacation.

4. Tenancy

Rents are paid to Apple Property Management. They are due on or before the first day of each month. If not received by the fifth day, the tenant is assessed a late fee of $50.00. The monies are disbursed to the owner each month after expenses are deducted. Mortgage payments, homeowner's dues, taxes and insurance may be paid of the owner desires. Maintenance and repairs are taken care of promptly. In the event of a major repair, the owner is contacted prior to the contracting of the work.

Utility bills, such as electric or gas are billed directly to the tenant. Oil delivery is arranged by the tenant. The oil tank is measured by the oil company at the time of possession and the tenant pays for the oil in the tank. At the end of the tenancy, the oil is measured again and the tenant is reimbursed for the remaining oil. In the case of a single family home rental, the water, sewer and garbage bill remain in the owner's name and are received by Apple Property Management for forwarding to the tenants for payment. We are thus able to oversee these bills/payments to prevent a possible lien against the property for non-payment by the tenant.

5. Notice

APM policy is that all tenants need to provide notice 20 days before the end of the month

6. Vacancy

Vacating the premises prior to the termination date of the lease results in the forfeiture of the tenant's entire deposit to the owner. In addition, the tenant is also charged for any cleaning or repair costs that may be required to return the unit to the same condition as at the time of possession.

  • Contact us for more help or if you have questions about our rental process.


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